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Berzerk Ball 2 Berzerk Ball 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I haven't been addicted to a flash game in a long while! Once again, Berzerk outdoes itself. 5 stars!

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Super Mega Bot Super Mega Bot

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I had to collect myself a few times.

It was worth it. Every painstaking second.

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Titania Titania

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was a load of fun... I would like the make a couple notes/comments to past reviews or responses...

1.)God damnit bonsai_kitty17 you suck!!! You need to get a life!

2.)I would like to resent that American comment unless it is just targeted to bonsai_kitty17.

Cheers and good day!


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Matmi responds:

cheers matey. It wasn't directed to all americans. Not all americans are cock-munchers, but bonsai_kitty17 certainly is

Puzzle Ball Puzzle Ball

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow cool game! Here is my level:
w:152:24,w:104:24,w:10 4:24,w:120:24,w:120:24,w:136:2 4,w:168:24,w:184:24,w:200:40,w :200:56,w:200:56,w:184:72,w:18 4:72,w:184:72,w:184:72,w:184:7 2,w:200:88,w:200:72,w:104:72,w :104:56,w:152:56,w:152:56,w:10 4:56,w:104:40,w:104:40,w:120:4 0,w:184:24,w:200:24,w:184:40,w :104:88,w:104:104,w:104:104,w: 104:120,w:120:120,w:136:120,w: 152:120,w:168:120,w:184:120,w: 120:72,e:120:56,t:136:56,t:136 :40,t:152:40,t:168:40,t:168:56 ,t:184:56,t:184:72,t:120:72,t: 120:88,t:120:104,t:136:88,t:13 6:104,t:152:104,t:168:104,t:18 4:104,t:200:104,t:184:88,t:168 :88,t:152:88,t:152:72,t:136:72 ,t:168:56,t:168:56,t:168:72,w: 120:88,t:120:72,t:120:88,w:152 :88,w:120:72,t:120:72,w:120:88 ,w:184:88,t:168:40,t:184:40,w: 184:40,t:184:24,w:184:24,t:184 :40,w:184:56,w:200:120,t:216:1 04,t:232:104,t:232:104,t:232:1 20,t:232:136,t:232:152,t:232:1 68,t:216:168,t:200:168,t:200:1 52,t:184:152,t:168:152,t:152:1 52,t:136:152,t:120:152,t:104:1 52,t:104:168,t:104:184,t:88:18 4,t:88:200,t:88:216,t:104:216, t:136:216,t:120:216,t:152:216, t:152:200,t:152:184,t:72:168,t :72:184,t:72:152,t:72:136,t:72 :120,t:72:104,t:88:104,t:104:1 04,b:152:184,b:280:184,b:152:1 84,fd:152:168,fl:168:216,fu:88 :232,fr:56:184,fl:120:184,fu:7 2:200,fr:56:104,fu:104:200,fl: 88:152,t:88:152,fr:56:152,fl:2 16:152,fr:184:168,fl:248:168,f u:232:184,fd:232:88,fl:248:104 ,fd:72:88,fu:136:120,fu:168:12 0,fl:136:56,t:136:56,fl:152:56 ,fl:184:88,

Have fun!!

Ataxia Ataxia

Rated 5 / 5 stars

1 thing is wrong with this game...

I really loved this game but there is 1 thing that is buggin me.... "Tricky" is not by Run DMC... It is by Bloodhound Gang... I am tired of people saying it is Run DMC

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

Well everyones right one that. "It's Tricky" was originally done by Run DMC on the album "RAISING HELL". Bloodhound Gang covered (redid) It on the album "One Fierce Beer Coaster". Both Good Versions of the song. We included The Run DMC version because it goes along with Tito, the adidas-wearing 80's black kid. Glad you enjoyed the game.

Trick with 20 dollar bill Trick with 20 dollar bill

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Holy shit..... WHoever spent the time to find that out must be a nerd who has no life.... Or just some bored rich person.... I have seen other things by you... Keep up the good work....